Sagittarius: The Fire of Independence

The Sun now courses through the 69 stars that comprise the constellation of Sagittarius: Known to ancient Hebrew sky observers as Kesith, meaning “the archer.”  Ancient Arab astronomers called the constellation Al Kaus, meaning “arrow.”

The constellation is rendered as a centaur drawing a bow, aiming high into the heavens. Half man, half beast; the metaphor addresses a condition every human being wrestles with: establishing balance between our animal nature, the nature of man; and our divine nature. This is a struggle within Sagittarius: the reconciliation between the high and sacred ideals that swirl within the instincts of Sagittarius, and the voracious human nature to experience, feel, sense, and indulge in a myriad of directions, experiences, and ventures in life.

The Facts

Sagittarius is the ninth sign in the order of the wheel of zodiac. This is a transpersonal sign whose instincts are to explore life, to seek experiences and people that are beyond the personal horizon. The basic instinct of Sagittarius is to connect, to explore, and to transcend the personal limitations that come with being attached to the self. Sagittarius strives to transcend the self.

Sagittarius is the most volatile of the Fire Signs, yet is known for flexibility in mind, able to see multiple points of view. Independence is a central priority with Sagittarius energy, the spark of the flame ignites a tremendous desire to consume life through the senses. Inspiration is sought and found in the external world, and depending on where your Sun is placed in your chart—night or day—there may be internal conflicts between the desire to seek inner solace and the pull towards the vibrancy of the world and all it has to offer.

The Centaur raises his bow, aiming his arrow high. The tip of the arrow cuts through the heavens, slices a high-trajectory celestial path, and soars beyond the horizon, beyond familiar borders, leading the Centaur on an eternal pursuit. He chases the arrow, trying to find where it lands. Yet Sagittarius is often drawn to many different and seemingly disparate things, and will often lose his way during the search. For Sagittarius the end is not often the goal, but the experience of the search and the process is that which is truly sought and yearned for.

Transformed by the Fire

The Centaur transforms inner thoughts and energy through external sources; people, situations, travel, and intellectual pursuits are favored methods. The Sagittarius fire energy manifests in the soul, the mind, and the body. The Sagittarian soul is inclined for a strong spiritual path. The Sagittarian mind is inclined toward optimism and inspirational experiences, and feeds off intellectual stimulation and challenge. The Sagittarian body boils with energy, filling the Centaur with a sense of fire and brimstone.

There is a great deal of kinetic energy brewing within Sagittarius, the flame stirs deeply. This may be a source of an insatiable restlessness that the Centaur struggles with. Finding focus and completing long term goals is a challenge for the fleeting mind of Sagittarius. Sagittarius can handle volumes of information and stimulation, but is uncomfortable when needing to attain a singular focus, and resolve a long-term goal.

The brimstone can lead to a vituperative tongue. Sagittarius is known to lash out, and use the Centaur’s famous ability to see through people, and strike where it hurts. The arrow pierces through. The Centaur’s aim is almost always deadly. But the fleeting focus of Sagittarius also breeds a fleeting grasp on anger. As quickly as Sagittarius can get whipped up in anger, he can easily let go of the grip of hated, hurt, and fear and move on. Like Gemini, Sagittarius prefers to move, to explore, and to avoid brooding on anything for too long.

The High Qualities of Sagittarius

Sagittarius is famous for a capacity for extraordinary generosity and compassion. These are the high qualities in the sign.

Those Centaurs who are able to balance and contend with the polarizing forces between the human and the divine nature within are capable of a borderless compassion. Sagittarian energy naturally is inclined toward a sense of generosity and sharing. This sign is known for showing empathy and support, lending themselves, at times, beyond their own ability to help. They will go the extra mile for the cherished friend or family, as well as a stranger, or an acquaintance. Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius benefits from the magnanimous traits of the giant planet.

Independence, exploration, and a sacred pursuit of returning to the high mind are core behaviors within the realm of Sagittarius. Those born with the Sun in this sign may have an insatiable spirit, and a hunger for life. Those born with the Moon in this sign are inclined to have many friends, wide networks of people who transcend societal borders and classes. And those who are born with Sagittarius Ascending are inclined to find a great deal  of pleasure in what other people and life has to offer, and contribute to the lives of those who are blessed enough to encounter Sagittarian energy of any type; for they are touched by inspiration.

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